Hello, welcome to Lately with Katie!

I’m so glad you’re here! This blog has been a dream of mine for several years. I have always had a passion for styling whether that was fashion or home interiors. This is a lifestyle blog of a working wife and mother of three. My husband and I own a business and I also work full time for a healthcare company. I love to stay busy and also stay organized! You will rarely find me sitting down relaxing, but if I am, its usually late at night reading a book! I love living an active lifestyle and enjoy our private country oasis far away from noise and people. I am an social introvert and when they say opposites attract, they were not kidding. 😉 My husband and I have been married coming up on 10 years but have been together for over 15. Our love story is anything but conventional but I love it and its one for the books. I will be sharing anything that is on my heart and hope to inspire other wives and mothers along the way.

I will be putting up new posts each week, so be sure to stop back or sign up so you never miss a post!

Xoxo, Katie

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